Food shopping this weekend

Student diets are suffering after the supermarket costs escalate.

Photo by Niya Sinckler.

As prices have risen at local student supermarket Sainsbury’s,  students are finding it difficult to buy the necessary items on their grocery lists which affects their eating habits.

An average university student grocery list:














-Orange Juice


Yet now , walking through the aisles, many things were not checked off on the list since the students simply could not afford them. James Andrews, 21, Kingston University student said: ” It’s been hard to buy food. Some things that I would normally buy, I can not pay for now. I have to decide what I need most.”

For instance, supermarket brand penne pasta that used to be  £1.11 is now £1.35 per package. Also, plain Carr’s crackers are now £1.07 where before they were 99 pence. They are not huge jumps but students have been disadvantaged when they realize at the register and have to put a couple things back.

Students have been eating less. Some days they go without food. These are hard times students are going through right now. No parents are around to guide you in the right direction. They are making the decisions.

Still not eating from all the food groups can affect how the body and brain function. The diets may then conflict with university as a student’s sleeping habits changing.

Photo from Google.

3 thoughts on “Food shopping this weekend

  1. Hey sweety! This is a topic I think about ALL the time. Prices are just too high these days; even though I’m not a student I have the same problem. Before when I was low on money I would survive on cheap macaroni and noodles, and I didn’t care since I never really paid attention to my diet. But now when I need to eat fruits and vegetables, I can’t, and it really… not depresses but… it puts you down knowing you can’t even have the bare essentials of life.

  2. yeap, my diet is basically based on pasta, rice, chicken and home made sauces but hey… what can you do in these tough times…

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