What is healthy?

We are always trying to look after ourselves in terms of health but what if we don’t know what is healthy to begin with.

Every morning, people get up to have that cup of coffee thinking caffeine will give a great boost start to your day. By now, people know the effects of caffeine. However coffee apparently reduces headaches, prevents diabetes, alzheimers and heart diseases according to The Independent.

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The reactions we have to caffeine can vary depending on the individual. From an enzyme in the liver, caffeine is broken down and metabolized in our bodies. Still this can’t be controlled. Therefore, the intake of caffeine impacts people in different ways regarding the frequency of a person’s consumption. If a person drinks coffee everday theya re more likely to have an increase in blood pressure. There can also be a sensitive effect where one develops a tolerance. Eventually, a person becomes dependent on caffeine. Otherwise, there are withdrawal symptoms.  That’s why it becomes routine and each morning or during the day a cup of coffee makes you alert and full of energy. That craving can have a radical effect though when one is in a stressful situation. In a way, this can relate to smoking a cigarette.

Either way, caffeine can be seen as having a good side as well. For instance, caffeine tends to boost sports perfomance and presentation skills.  That daily intake after awhile takes a toll in the body as it moves around and is absorbed by different organs. It can lead to people suffering from various conditions including cancer and other heart diseases. so although there are negative effects, caffeine can help in the long run.

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Often this makes people want to move towards healthier drinks. What is the truth about those health drinks though.  People try to drink beverages which contain less sugars and presevatives. However, the amount of people who drink these health beverages are more at risk from the concentrations. There are usually vitamins and minerals added to help your energy level, concentration and relaxation. More often than not, these same beverages are flavored and contain similar grams of sugar in bottles as soft drinks or carbonated beverages.  After all, if all the drinks are produced by Coca-Cola, they are bound to have relative ingredients. Yet people tend to associate healthy beverages with vitamins and fruit which can lead to practising a healthy diet.

The companies claim they try to provide a convenient way of hydrating people and supplying them with the required amount of vitamins and minerals necessary. The healthly mental connection though can people’s perception if there are occasional threats about the ingredients. The thing is, people being to consume more and more thinking it’s healthy when in the end it’s just as harmful as drinking the same soft drink they attempted to avoid in the first place.


Smoking is particularly popular among young people. Every day at university, it’s all around you. According to the BBC, there are many health effects.

Smoking impacts your appearance. Soon enough, students begin to have bags under their eyes, yellow teeth, colder hands and feet as well as damaged skin and hair. After a while, many wonder is it worth it?

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Often smoking is a solo activity. However, students smoke for socialization too. Every time someone inhales a cigarette, heat breaks down the tobacco and toxins are released. Then as the cigarette burns the residue moves towards the butt. Then the tar, the carcinogen which causes cancer, nicotine, the addictive bit which increases your cholesterol levels and carbon monoxide which reduces oxygen in the body still alter your body’s functions. The damage caused has to do with how the smoking is influenced. This is in terms of the cigarettes smoked, whether there’s a filter or not and how the the tobacco is prepared.

The NHS is dedicated to helping people with smoking. Since there are major diseases involved including cancer, cardiovascular diseases including coronary thrombosis, a blood clot in the arteries, cerebral thrombosis meaning vessels to the brain are blocked and collapse, kidney failure, emphysema, when you alveoli, air sacs are damaged from breathlessness and of course chronic bronchitis. No wonder so many smokes, cough all the time.

A single cigarette can reduce the blood supply to your skin for over an hour. Smoking raises blood pressure escalating to hypertension. Also asthma comes along with inflammation in the lung’s airways. Then your blood vessels become sensitive and suffer from the smoke, causing bloodshot appearances and itchiness. Eventually, cataracts pop up.

Passive smoking also affects others around you. Obviously you know if you smoke since the packs all say smoking is harmful to you and others. There are benefits of quitting smoking now. If you quit smoking, your general health will improve. The amount of headaches and tired moments will be reduced. Also your smell and taste will change. As well as your heart being less strained to work more efficiently. If nothing I said got through to you, here are suggestions for you to hear it from a professional. There are many organizations devoted to reduced the amount of people who smoke in the world. In the UK alone from national statistics, smoking kills around 114,000 people each year. And each cigarette shortens a smoker’s life by about 11 minutes.

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It’s not an acceptable activity since several places have banned smoking in public places including educational institutions, government premises, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, entrances, exits, bars, alleys, clubs, lounges, airports, beaches, playgrounds, markets, cultural centers, hotels, work places, entertainment venues, gas stations and everywhere else possible unless there’s a designated smoking area or room.


Since it’s the first day of spring, it’s time get outside and start exercising.

Students  have begun working out together in groups to get ready for those summery days.

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Stefan Marinos, 23, survey engineering student from Thessaloniki, Greece enjoys exercising for his physical health and to look good. Mr Marinos said, “Two times a week, I do weight lifting, triceps, shoulders and back. Three times a week, I do running, cycling and strengthening my lower back. My favorite form of exercise is chest, biceps and squats but weights mostly. For a man, I believe this is a perfect program to do to keep up your cardiovascular system. Also, I believe that you don’t need to drink protein shakes. Instead you should eat health meat.”

Male students agree that exercising on a regular basis as described by the NHS. There should be 70% consumption of food and 30% exercise to balance out your system. The government states that you should exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. But in all fairness, this is quite vague.  Aerobic exercise such as jogging and biking is great way to continue exercising daily. From the Department of Health, the adequate or non-active people have 0.75 – 0.80 of protein kilograms by body weight which also relates to the water consumption during those exercises.

Students have applied for membership and attend sessions at the Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club 4-6 times a week. Andrei Valentin Adam, 20,engineering student said, “Working out builds confidence and character. You feel happier after exercise. There are endorphins released. The best way to improve your body through exercising is by doing intense work out sessions repetitively with short breaks. Things such as squash, boxing and tennis are awesome for physical health.”

Scientific literature states more exercise more exercise is beneficial to muscle building rather than protein and creatine supplements. Exercise is beneficial for psychology well being. Also for anxiety levels, endorphins make you feel better after exercise.

Some students felt that working out was a way to make friends at the gym but not the best place for socialization. However, James Andrews went to the gym to see what it was like. He felt that there was a lot of repressed homosexual energy in the room and believes that self improvement is merely masturbation as seen in the film, Fight Club.

Either way, meet up wearing their most comfortable clothing including shirt, shorts, sneakers, wristbands and bring along a towel. There are many reasons why you should exercise. It makes you committed to something and prevents or promotes under or overeating. Essentially though, it depends on what type of person you are.

Celebrate holidays!

Many students celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on last week with their friends.

Research has shown that celebrating holidays are a vital part of improving happiness and health in life. It can help people live longer as well.

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Also learning about a new culture is always interesting. This allows you to expand your knowledge and open your mind which relates to your mental health.

This public holiday in Republic of Ireland is a worldwide party. Everyone wants to be involved. In Dublin, there are many events organized. For instance, people can participate during the university boat race, arts and crafts presentations and the St. Patrick’s Day Festival Parade. This holiday has spread across the world with great pleasure.

At the hippodrome, there was live music by The Lagan, a Celtic punk band from Northern Ireland. There was this intense energy. Everyone was feeling the music. Having a bass, guitar, ukelele and vocals really set the stage for the night. The crowd was constantly moving. Beer or cider in hand and they students were jamming along dancing.

Here’s a great guide to your next St. Patrick’s Day adventure.


You can never really know a person when in a relationship. Anything is possible.

Often students struggle to maintain relationships from not knowing what is going on which can affect one’s mental health and change everything.

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Communication is key in a relationship. Being able to talk to another person allows you to make an effort to understand what they are thinking and feeling. It’s not about who is right and who is wrong. Simply discussing things helps to prolong your relationship. Maybe as a student, one wonders if this a fling or will it last or what am I doing wrong in this situation?

Things aren’t always going to turn out as seen in movies which The Daily Mail highlights . People have heightened expectations of relationships. Instead of trying to figure out what the other person is doing and not doing, talk about it. Ways to have a  conversation have been simplified for those not able to speak. This relationship special may assist  in finding a starting point of communication.

Eventually, there will come a time when it’s necessary to talk about something. It’s important to listen and hear each other’s point of view. Listening shows that your are dedicated and paying attention to what the other person is saying. If you are in a frustrated state, all the actions and emotions will let loose like a canon. That type of behavior will only make things worse especially if there’s criticism or empathy portrayed. One must be able to maintain their mind. If you lose control, your emotions leave you all over the place mentally. Thoughts racing through your mind aimlessly with no direction. One tip to gain control is to breathe. At least three deep breaths can make a difference. When you are cool and relaxed, it’s better to handle issues according to The Telegraph and find a compromise together.

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This advice can apply to any type of relationship whether it’s family, friends, romantic, professional or your own pets. The thing to remember is how you express yourself. It’s easier to blame the other person but first one should realize their own flaws to see how you contribute to that relationship whether positive or negative. For a lasting relationship, communication is one of the primary aims with an open and honest mind that you should be striving for. Cosmopolitan magazine usually conveys ways to communicate with a person through various ways.

With communication, one can avoid being caught off guard, surprises and weird misunderstandings. These are a couple  suggested readings to improve your relationship.


As a student enters Kingston University, so many things are expected of you which can lead to stress from pressure.

Often a student may feel as though they are on the brink. However there are other students who fly by without trying.

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Eventually things are going to be okay. There are several ways to reduce pressure and stress. Exercise happens to be a key part of maintaining that feel good attitude. Also exercising helps to distract you from whatever issue you are facing at that time. By setting goals or targets, it’s great to start a process of achieving a task. No matter how small or large, it allows a student to focus and change their schedule for better progress. What you believe and focus on will eventually become your reality. The change allows you to leave your comfort zone and enter the improved state.

Perhaps try finding a hobby such as a sport, music instrument, painting, poetry, riding a bike, attend a concert or going to see films. These are simple chances to meet up with a couple of friends and go to the pitch or court. That way you can have fun and then return to the problems later on when they are less daunting. There are many ways to cope with stress according to The Guardian.

Also walking can relieve stress. Taking the break to change the scenery switches your focus away from that struggle. If that form of transportation does not work, take a holiday vacation. It creates an opportunity to learn and see something new. It can break the cycle of your moments of feeling down.

Talking is a valuable thing to do if we actually each other’s stories. And that’s fine since the university offers counselors at the Health Centre. Normally, people have suggestions on how to overcome problems. Writing is a good way to express yourself. Simply keeping a diary or journal. If everything else fails, music makes a difference. Great song to deal with those days 🙂