As a student enters Kingston University, so many things are expected of you which can lead to stress from pressure.

Often a student may feel as though they are on the brink. However there are other students who fly by without trying.

Photo by Niya Sinckler.

Eventually things are going to be okay. There are several ways to reduce pressure and stress. Exercise happens to be a key part of maintaining that feel good attitude. Also exercising helps to distract you from whatever issue you are facing at that time. By setting goals or targets, it’s great to start a process of achieving a task. No matter how small or large, it allows a student to focus and change their schedule for better progress. What you believe and focus on will eventually become your reality. The change allows you to leave your comfort zone and enter the improved state.

Perhaps try finding a hobby such as a sport, music instrument, painting, poetry, riding a bike, attend a concert or going to see films. These are simple chances to meet up with a couple of friends and go to the pitch or court. That way you can have fun and then return to the problems later on when they are less daunting. There are many ways to cope with stress according to The Guardian.

Also walking can relieve stress. Taking the break to change the scenery switches your focus away from that struggle. If that form of transportation does not work, take a holiday vacation. It creates an opportunity to learn and see something new. It can break the cycle of your moments of feeling down.

Talking is a valuable thing to do if we actually each other’s stories. And that’s fine since the university offers counselors at the Health Centre. Normally, people have suggestions on how to overcome problems. Writing is a good way to express yourself. Simply keeping a diary or journal. If everything else fails, music makes a difference. Great song to deal with those days 🙂

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