You can never really know a person when in a relationship. Anything is possible.

Often students struggle to maintain relationships from not knowing what is going on which can affect one’s mental health and change everything.

Photo by Niya Sinckler.

Communication is key in a relationship. Being able to talk to another person allows you to make an effort to understand what they are thinking and feeling. It’s not about who is right and who is wrong. Simply discussing things helps to prolong your relationship. Maybe as a student, one wonders if this a fling or will it last or what am I doing wrong in this situation?

Things aren’t always going to turn out as seen in movies which The Daily Mail highlights . People have heightened expectations of relationships. Instead of trying to figure out what the other person is doing and not doing, talk about it. Ways to have a  conversation have been simplified for those not able to speak. This relationship special may assist  in finding a starting point of communication.

Eventually, there will come a time when it’s necessary to talk about something. It’s important to listen and hear each other’s point of view. Listening shows that your are dedicated and paying attention to what the other person is saying. If you are in a frustrated state, all the actions and emotions will let loose like a canon. That type of behavior will only make things worse especially if there’s criticism or empathy portrayed. One must be able to maintain their mind. If you lose control, your emotions leave you all over the place mentally. Thoughts racing through your mind aimlessly with no direction. One tip to gain control is to breathe. At least three deep breaths can make a difference. When you are cool and relaxed, it’s better to handle issues according to The Telegraph and find a compromise together.

Photo by James Andrews.

This advice can apply to any type of relationship whether it’s family, friends, romantic, professional or your own pets. The thing to remember is how you express yourself. It’s easier to blame the other person but first one should realize their own flaws to see how you contribute to that relationship whether positive or negative. For a lasting relationship, communication is one of the primary aims with an open and honest mind that you should be striving for. Cosmopolitan magazine usually conveys ways to communicate with a person through various ways.

With communication, one can avoid being caught off guard, surprises and weird misunderstandings. These are a couple  suggested readings to improve your relationship.

3 thoughts on “Relationships.

  1. i agree with this one. talking is what made me realize i was not right for my last girlfriend. and ive been happier since i made that decision 😀

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