Celebrate holidays!

Many students celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on last week with their friends.

Research has shown that celebrating holidays are a vital part of improving happiness and health in life. It can help people live longer as well.

Photo from Google.

Also learning about a new culture is always interesting. This allows you to expand your knowledge and open your mind which relates to your mental health.

This public holiday in Republic of Ireland is a worldwide party. Everyone wants to be involved. In Dublin, there are many events organized. For instance, people can participate during the university boat race, arts and crafts presentations and the St. Patrick’s Day Festival Parade. This holiday has spread across the world with great pleasure.

At the hippodrome, there was live music by The Lagan, a Celtic punk band from Northern Ireland. There was this intense energy. Everyone was feeling the music. Having a bass, guitar, ukelele and vocals really set the stage for the night. The crowd was constantly moving. Beer or cider in hand and they students were jamming along dancing.

Here’s a great guide to your next St. Patrick’s Day adventure.

One thought on “Celebrate holidays!

  1. the irish have got it right, native or not st paddys day is always a great night out. can remember the last time st gorges was celibrated, the welsh have got it right though st davids day, big piss up. or you know the scotish, pay day big piss up.

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