Smoking is particularly popular among young people. Every day at university, it’s all around you. According to the BBC, there are many health effects.

Smoking impacts your appearance. Soon enough, students begin to have bags under their eyes, yellow teeth, colder hands and feet as well as damaged skin and hair. After a while, many wonder is it worth it?

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Often smoking is a solo activity. However, students smoke for socialization too. Every time someone inhales a cigarette, heat breaks down the tobacco and toxins are released. Then as the cigarette burns the residue moves towards the butt. Then the tar, the carcinogen which causes cancer, nicotine, the addictive bit which increases your cholesterol levels and carbon monoxide which reduces oxygen in the body still alter your body’s functions. The damage caused has to do with how the smoking is influenced. This is in terms of the cigarettes smoked, whether there’s a filter or not and how the the tobacco is prepared.

The NHS is dedicated to helping people with smoking. Since there are major diseases involved including cancer, cardiovascular diseases including coronary thrombosis, a blood clot in the arteries, cerebral thrombosis meaning vessels to the brain are blocked and collapse, kidney failure, emphysema, when you alveoli, air sacs are damaged from breathlessness and of course chronic bronchitis. No wonder so many smokes, cough all the time.

A single cigarette can reduce the blood supply to your skin for over an hour. Smoking raises blood pressure escalating to hypertension. Also asthma comes along with inflammation in the lung’s airways. Then your blood vessels become sensitive and suffer from the smoke, causing bloodshot appearances and itchiness. Eventually, cataracts pop up.

Passive smoking also affects others around you. Obviously you know if you smoke since the packs all say smoking is harmful to you and others. There are benefits of quitting smoking now. If you quit smoking, your general health will improve. The amount of headaches and tired moments will be reduced. Also your smell and taste will change. As well as your heart being less strained to work more efficiently. If nothing I said got through to you, here are suggestions for you to hear it from a professional. There are many organizations devoted to reduced the amount of people who smoke in the world. In the UK alone from national statistics, smoking kills around 114,000 people each year. And each cigarette shortens a smoker’s life by about 11 minutes.

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It’s not an acceptable activity since several places have banned smoking in public places including educational institutions, government premises, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, entrances, exits, bars, alleys, clubs, lounges, airports, beaches, playgrounds, markets, cultural centers, hotels, work places, entertainment venues, gas stations and everywhere else possible unless there’s a designated smoking area or room.

2 thoughts on “Smoking.

  1. the worst sort of non smoker are the ones that cough when you are smoking. that crule man, its like going up to a guy in a weelchair and dancing.

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