What is healthy?

We are always trying to look after ourselves in terms of health but what if we don’t know what is healthy to begin with.

Every morning, people get up to have that cup of coffee thinking caffeine will give a great boost start to your day. By now, people know the effects of caffeine. However coffee apparently reduces headaches, prevents diabetes, alzheimers and heart diseases according to The Independent.

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The reactions we have to caffeine can vary depending on the individual. From an enzyme in the liver, caffeine is broken down and metabolized in our bodies. Still this can’t be controlled. Therefore, the intake of caffeine impacts people in different ways regarding the frequency of a person’s consumption. If a person drinks coffee everday theya re more likely to have an increase in blood pressure. There can also be a sensitive effect where one develops a tolerance. Eventually, a person becomes dependent on caffeine. Otherwise, there are withdrawal symptoms.  That’s why it becomes routine and each morning or during the day a cup of coffee makes you alert and full of energy. That craving can have a radical effect though when one is in a stressful situation. In a way, this can relate to smoking a cigarette.

Either way, caffeine can be seen as having a good side as well. For instance, caffeine tends to boost sports perfomance and presentation skills.  That daily intake after awhile takes a toll in the body as it moves around and is absorbed by different organs. It can lead to people suffering from various conditions including cancer and other heart diseases. so although there are negative effects, caffeine can help in the long run.

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Often this makes people want to move towards healthier drinks. What is the truth about those health drinks though.  People try to drink beverages which contain less sugars and presevatives. However, the amount of people who drink these health beverages are more at risk from the concentrations. There are usually vitamins and minerals added to help your energy level, concentration and relaxation. More often than not, these same beverages are flavored and contain similar grams of sugar in bottles as soft drinks or carbonated beverages.  After all, if all the drinks are produced by Coca-Cola, they are bound to have relative ingredients. Yet people tend to associate healthy beverages with vitamins and fruit which can lead to practising a healthy diet.

The companies claim they try to provide a convenient way of hydrating people and supplying them with the required amount of vitamins and minerals necessary. The healthly mental connection though can people’s perception if there are occasional threats about the ingredients. The thing is, people being to consume more and more thinking it’s healthy when in the end it’s just as harmful as drinking the same soft drink they attempted to avoid in the first place.

3 thoughts on “What is healthy?

  1. interesting ideas niya. very true that people need a cup of coffie to function in the mornings. its true that thoughs health drinks are good for you but theres only so much the human boby can exsorbe. so what people are actually buying is very exspencive urine. anyway a person can become addicted to anything, it doesen have to be a drug. you can turn anything into heroine.

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