Booze Cruise.

The NHS warned that hospitals and health institutions are not doing enough to help students tackle their drinking problems.

Yet it’s a challenge to monitor alcohol consumption when it’s already apart of students’ lifestyle.

Photo from Google.

However since the government has made cuts for the health section, there have been less care, treatment prevention services available to students. At university though, there is the health centre and other resources to seek help for alcohol abuse.

In British society, alcohol plays a central role which links to health costs, disorderly conduct, violence and road accidents. The government even launched an alcohol responsiblity deal with health organizations to act on reducing alcohol consumption since it’s a major cause of health issues around the world according to the World Health Organization. It’s difficult to limit student intake since alcoholic beverages are easily available and affordable. The idea is to promote health rather than booze. Sad enough, students probably have no idea how much alcohol they are drinking and the harmful effects. The government is ready to commission more research into attitudes towards alcohol in the UK.

It’s a public issue and retailers and the industry are involved as well as to the prices and marketing of alcoholic beverages. It’s interesting that in films and theaters, actors portray drunk performances although alcoholic beverages are prohibited in such places. This presents to students how they could be as they watch another person’s ways. From media exposure, students are more prone to mimic that behavior. As a result, there’s drink-driving and particular limits.

During enrichment week surely students will cut down on their alcohol consumption or at least we can hope so…

2 thoughts on “Booze Cruise.

  1. great article, they do say that 90% of British culture culture revolves around the pub. i was having a talk with someone the other day, he was saying how its weird that the government spend billions every year on anti terrorism stuff and very little on anti smoking and drinking preventions when more people die from smoking and drinking then terrorism. anyway, all this blog reading is making me wont a drink, im off to the pub.

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