Clean Hands.

Health agencies have been misleading consumers with their promotion of their unproven prevention claims.

Students have been carrying around hand sanitizer bottles in their bags to prevent future infections.

Photo from Purell company site.

Lisa Schink, 24, journalism student said, ” I use hand sanitizer occasionally because I’m a germ freak. Usually, before I use my hands to eat, after using a computer at the university library and if I take public transportation.”

Hand sanitizer is recognized as an alternative to hand washing with soap and water. There are variations of the products such as gel, foam or liquid forms. The alcohol ingredients are effective towards killing germs. Some of the sanitizers have oils to allow better skin care by moisturizing and conditioning the skin.

Yet there is no proof that these store-bought products protect people against infections such as H1N1, MRSA or E. coli. The health markets have been using false advertisement to sell products related to your physical health. After a while, you begin to wonder what is better to keep one’s self safe from germs.

Around the world, “MRSA is serious public health threat,” said Deborah Autor, director of the FDA’s Office of Compliance from the New York Daily News. Therefore, there are other ways to keep yourself safe against infections. Most popular among university are brands such as Purell, GermX, IC Gel, Hygel, Deb, Labo, Aqium, Avant, GermOut, and Aquawet in the United States and Europe.

How often do you use hand sanitizer: once, twice, three times a day or never?

2 thoughts on “Clean Hands.

  1. nice blog, there was a story a while back during one of the medias anual moral panics about public health were prisoners were given a hand sanitiser to protect them from whatever it was we were suppost to be fearing that day, anway they had to take away all the hand sanitisers as the prisoners had been drinking then to trip out. so at the least these products can be fun to drink.

  2. i carry hand sanitizer every where i go….except uni! good post though…..ive completely forgot about MRSA it was big a couple of years ago and it seems like its non- exsistent now!

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