Legalizing glamour drugs

Many students have experimented with designer drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and mephedrone at university.

There are always going to be exciting illegal substances out there with a thrill, adrenaline rush and an escape from reality.

Photo from Google.

It can be hard to make decisions at this time in life since you are free from your parents, learning to be independent and looking after yourself. Students experience pleasure and depression. Drugs have two sides to them as  they bring people together as well as tear them apart. Obviously, there will never be a positive outcome for drugs in the news.

People are always going to question reality and authority. If drugs become legal, would people still desire them? The difficult part is that the more you put restrictions on something, the more people are going to crave it. Therefore, there has an increase youth drug use around the world. Students have been going through their parents cabinets and meeting on street corners late at night to gain access to this other reality.

Photo by Niya Sinckler.

There would be quality control if legalizing drugs meant addressing the real issues such as social and economic factors. Then this would eliminate the criminal market place. However the drug market brings in too much money for governments to get rid of the production, supply and demand setup. When drugs become legal, it would massively decrease crime. Numerous experts believe drugs should be legalized. Yet if this were to happen,  it would disrupt the social cycle from the user to the  doctor to the insurance company.

In a way though, who is to say what we use? In the end, it is up to individual, what they choose to do their own bodies.

Photo by Niya Sinckler.

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