Diet soda sippers

People are drinking the fizzy sugar infested sodas to manage their daily calorie count. Yet diet sodas are not as healthy as you think in relation weight gain according to the LA Times.
Photo from Promote Health.
A 10-year study from the University of Texas revealed that people who drink daily multiple amounts of diet soda gained more weight around their waistlines. Also, the diet drinkers possess seventy per cent more abdominal fat than people who stick to regular carbonated beverages.
Besides muffin top and flabby stomaches, the excess abdominal fat has been linked to a major risk for diabetes as it raises blood sugar levels, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
At the American Diabetes Association in San Diego, California, sociologist and epidemiologist, Helena P. Hazuda said, “The promotion of diet sodas and artificial sweeteners as healthy alternatives may be ill-advised. They may be free of calories, but not of consequences.” From the NY Daily News, a study examined 2,564 daily diet soda drinkers in Manhattan who appeared to have significantly increased risk of heart attack and stroke than people who said they weren’t diet soda sippers.
Kim Heinz, 20, journalism student in London said, “I don’t like diet sodas because of all the sweeteners in them. To be honest, I don’t like regular soda either :D I prefer juice, water and tea.” Therefore, it’s a wise choice to stay away from those sugary sodas and caffeinated beverages which carry more consequences.

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