Technology Memory Takeover

Computers and the internet are creating a new wave for the nature of our memory as people seek information.

When those difficult questions come about, people grab their phones, laptops and computers to find answers.

Photo from Tmobile.

In this day and age of technology, more and more people are relying on the internet. This ranges from children to students to CEOs of major businesses. According to researcher, Daniel M. Wegner, the internet possesses a transactive memory where we expect a source to remember information for us. People appreciate what the internet can offer even though they have a wide range of information stored already.

Politics university student, Asher Nwokedi, 21 said, ” I rely heavily on Google and other search engines solely because it enables me to research in greater detail and consider both sides of an argument. Yes I have acquired knowledge through the years but the internet offers me the chance to support my ideals with evidence, statistics and with a second opinion.”

Photo from Apple.

The BBC highlights how stored information relates to short-term and long-term memory. People usually only know information relating to their profession instead of general knowledge about various things going on in the world. We feel as though we don’t need to know that much and choose to remember less.

From Harvard University, researchers believe that the internet is a form of transactive memory as it appears that couples rely on each other through an exchange of information. Then when you’re single, you simply Google the information. To some extent, this may have a negative effect yet we are changing the way we think and process information. This can also determine reaction time during a conversation when technology is not present.

Some people choose to store information while others expect they can just find it online. That is, if they know where to look with sufficient time and resources. For the most part, people like to or pretend to know things but the internet is always there to back it up as last minute evidence.

5 thoughts on “Technology Memory Takeover

  1. interesting artical, its true that most easy questions are answered by Google, although deep though, ideas and theory cant be answered by the click of a button, they require some outside thinking……..

  2. If the internet is used for free flow of information and it is available to all then we amuse that the internet is not censored, except for places in China and Korea. But then we have to look at it from a different perspective, no one has ever said or done anything that needs to be censored. Except lets say child porn, but still that exists.
    So we are lead to believe that the internet is free speech but when Julian Assange and his wiki leaks came in I realized that it is censored 😦 but in such a way that it makes Julian look like a cyber terrorist for speaking freely.
    So how long will it be till the internet 2 comes out? There has been speculation of this, where you actually have to pay to access certain sites, image a tv and you have free view, you can only go on some channels or in this case sites and the corporations will control what you can or cannot go on but you will have to pay more to go on certain sites but at the same time they will eliminate the smaller sites. But this is the same as censorship but sugar coated.
    If you look back on media you will see that at the start of the 1900 there were hundreds of news paper firms with lots of different ideas and opinions and perspective, now its all run by the big wigs, how long will it be till all our sites are telling us information that they want us to here 😦

    Good artical though 🙂

    sorry for the rant xxx

  3. While the internet can provide quick source of information, it should not be the only means and folks should learn on be aware of other sources. Technology can fail.

    I still believe in good old fashioned research and the ability to think independently.

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