Size Zero

The media has a huge impact on society and culture regarding image and beauty to youth around the world.

Recently, Calvin Klein has been linked to influencing youth to turn to eating disorders with their seductive advertisement billboards and magazine photos.

Photo from Calvin Klein.

There is an obsession to be skinny in order to be accepted into society. Many women have felt the need to become anorexic, bulimic and take on compulsive overeating after failing to accept their own bodies. The youth today have so many social pressures which contribute to the individual worrying about how they would like to be viewed by the public. Instead of blaming the media influence, women should know that they are beautiful in their own way to at least one other person in the world. Somebody’s gonna love you.

From a young age, girls begin to recognize that looks are important during social situations. Programs tend to depict the normal stereotypes of average Joes as bland, fat people as lazy, with no friends and skinny people living superficial lavish lifestyles. They tend to be popular, sexy, attractive and powerful figures. At times, it can be difficult to find your way if the media constantly reinforces these messages to young individuals. Then to be a model, people think you need to meet certain specifications to be like the billboards, television, magazines and newspapers they encounter each day. Even skeletal models at London Fashion Week were a disappointment portrayed by the media felt Samantha Cameron.

Although the media is ridiculed for their advertisement marketing, the youth should that they determine whether they develop eating disorders. It starts with one accepting their own self-image and choosing the right role models to emulate. From society and culture, young women and men should be content and work with what shapes and sizes they have as The Economist conveys depending on eating habits. It’s always those typical people who fall into the societal groups  such as dancers, doctors, seniors and university students striving to impress their parents from all the pressure.

The BBC illustrates that media coverage misleads youth as “models and other society influences are, in our experience, rarely a contributory factor to the development of eating and weight difficulties in young children.” These influences in culture through music, fashion and film strongly impact the health and lifestyle of youth around the world.

2 thoughts on “Size Zero

  1. Beauty is a myth, it’s culturally relative, women shouldn’t encourage this male fantasy. they should be comfortable how they are……………..

  2. We are made as individuals and should not allow shallow people in society to influence the way we feel about ourselves. Youth should seek to find role models in people they actually know rather than in over-hyped, superficial personlities. Each one of us is beautiful in his/her own way.

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