Digital Age Replaces Books.

Amazon is promoting a portable library, Kindle as a solution to the future of books.

Consumers are buying their new libraries digitally which can hold up to 3,500 books in one compact electronic device.

Photo from Google.

Publishing assistant, Anjana Menon, 22, said, “ I think it’s great for space constraints since I have over 70 books. There are books I wouldn’t read again so the Kindle is far better but if I like a book, I would have it in paperback and a Kindle version. I love gadgets and technology, I can’t resist the digital takeover. If you resist the digital takeover, publishing will go the music industry way! The music industry is in shambles!”

Through advertisement on the London Underground and South West Trains, Amazon’s Kindle has caught the public’s attention. According to the London Evening Standard, if you prefer strong narratives this product is for you. It costs about 112 GBP and 152 GBP for 3G. Instead of cherishing those old all-time favorite books, you can speed through the electronic pages which resemble print on paper.

Photo from Google.

Recent graduate, Andrea Louise Zander, 23 said, “I have a collection of books in my house, my own library. This is interesting as the Kindle appears to be useful and easier to read on the tube in those crowded spaces. Also it’s environmentally friendly. Yet, it’s sad how everything has become digital. With books there are so many memories and even smells. That is if the books you want are available.”

However, most well-known novels are not available on this digital device. These include Philip Larkin’s Poems, Ulysses, Samuel Beckett and even anthology of English verses.

Student, Luis Newby, 20 said, “It’s a shame since there will be no physical element which is normally nice to have. And what happens if your Kindle runs out of batteries? You won’t be able to read. In the end, it’s always cool to see how far and how many pages left you have to read in a book. It’s an essential element for reading to see what you’ve understood and accomplished.”

Kindle is changing the definition of books. As this product is new, there are many things to expect. However, don’t judge a book by its cover. Amazon reported that the company aims to provide every book, ever written in every language whether in print or out of print.

One thought on “Digital Age Replaces Books.

  1. Digital age will never replace books for me – I like the feel of paper and a sense of connecting with the author. A little bit of technology is good, too much – not so good.

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