International Football

Sparks flew in the heated international friendlies and qualifier matches in England this week.

For 90 minutes, Brasil dominated over Ghana in samba style at Craven Cottage. During the first 20 minutes, there wasn’t much action but then Brasil began to pick up their tempo making the first half more interesting. Soon enough, assisted by Fernandinho, Leandro Damaio scored a beautiful goal in the 45th minute just before the half time whistle.

Ghana played dangerously committing fouls, targeting the man of the match, Neymar. Constantly, the flop of the match was Daniel Opare of Ghana, who proceeded to recklessly take on the pitch. Still working together, Brasil dribbled along the pitch with brilliant passing and possession. Also, the talented footballers, Ronaldinho, Marcelo and Neymar showed off their individual skills yet never succeeded in scoring a goal but it was enjoyable to watch.

However during the second half, Brasil changed their play once Ganso left due to an injury and Elias subbed in. There were opportunities they just weren’t orchestrated well enough. For instance when Ronaldinho crossed a late ball into the box for a header by Alexandre Pato except the Ghana goalkeeper, Adam Kwarasey was on his toes. Either way, Brasil finished the match with a 1-0 victory. Mano Menezes was proud of Seleção on 5 September. And what a way to finish and now celebrate Brasil Independence Day on this 7 September.

Then last night England played Wales at Wembley Stadium winning 1-0 during the Euro 2010 qualifiers match for Group G.

The first half was a bit disappointing until the 35th minute, when Ashley Young delivered with the assistance of Stewart Downing dribbling down on the right to cross a short pass to Young. Also Ashley Young combines his individual footwork as well as collaborating  with teammate, Wayne Rooney for successful results claims The Telegraph. There were a couple other shots by Wayne Rooney and attempts by Chris Smalling who had a hard time with his fouls.

According to The Guardian, England have now won 66 of the 101 encounters with Wales, losing on just 14 occasions. Fabio Capello has trained his squad in such a way that they are efficient and successful during match. Although, many assumed that this match would have been a draw, England somehow managed to get the victory hardly using substitutes such as Jermain Defoe and Andy Caroll, who only came one with less then 15 minutes to the end of the match. From the English team, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and John Terry also played very well for their nation.

FRom Wales, Aaron Ramsey was definitely determined as he kept trying to challenge   in the box with the help of Gareth Bale.  Despite, Welsh efforts being all fired up, they weren’t quite there. England had a great line-up for performance. Fabio Capello smiled greatly and applauded the The Three Lions as they left their stadium in unison.

Other team results:

Russia – Ireland: 0 – 0

France – Romania: 0 – 0

Italy – Slovenia: 1 – 0

Poland – Germany: 2 – 2

Scotland – Lithuania: 1 – 0

Span – Liechtenstain: 6 – 0

Estonia – Northern Ireland: 4 – 1

Netherlands – Finland: 2 – 0

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