How To Make It In America

The popular HBO American comedy drama series is back and running on Sunday nights.

In How To Make It In America, four enterprising twenty something year old male friends are trying to make it big in the city through New York City’s competitive and stressful fashion scene.

It’s interesting how the creator, Ian Edelman premiered this amazing show just as Entourage concluded as well as the major fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris came to an end.

These man are working towards the dollar as the song  “I Need A Dollar” written and performed by Aloe Blacc highlights. The young men aim to achieve and accomplish the American Dream. Starring Ben Epstein (Bryan Greenberg) and Cam Calderon (Victor Rasuk), they put their book smarts and street smarts together to collaborate with Domingo (Scott Mescudi) and Cam’s cousin, Rene Calderon (Luiz Guzman) with a energy drink scheme, Rasta Monsta which fails miserably in the first season.

Now back in the second season, the downtown scene portrays encounters with characters as they relate to the various subcultures of NYC. The characters, Ben and Cam organize a fashion event to promote their new clothing line, Crisp, while dealing with pressure from Rene who keeps holding Cam back, the usual family stunt. The event goes well and ends with a bang. No literally, one of Rene’s bodyguards shoots himself in the leg. Still with the electronic tunes, Japanese school girl hipster dancers, photographers and interviews, the young men end up selling 55 units of their merchandise. The possibility of having their own Crisp rack in a showroom in Midtown presents itself from a sales rep. Also although the boys are willing to throw their morals sideways to be successful in life, slowly and crazily they are moving on up.

This show is often compared the male centered series, Entourage. Yet How To Make It In America has a different direction. It would be cool to see if it lives up to its name and becomes a new kind of male entertainment.

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