Cultural Change

Nowadays, it’s interesting how numerous things are going electronic more and more. Technology has taken over in several ways. Everyday it’s as though something new is invented. It’s rather wonderful however it makes a person wonder what will happen next? Soon enough everything will be technologically influenced in some way.

Simply the agriculture in developing countries which used to have people working in the fields has been replaced by machinery. Obviously this is controlled by the higher class who then receive multiple amounts of money, leaving those less fortunate to seek alternative employment. At times, it can be great. Nevertheless, that’s one less person who needed a job.

Regarding occupation, the political world leaders used to send telegrams but eventually they began to use radio. So that’s clearly sending a message that one day we would all move forward and globally.

The mail which can be received via email is something remarkable since it’s quicker. Imagine in a couple years, there will be no need for a mail man or the post office. I guess a couple institutions gone could be good. It would lessen the amount of space and energy used which could reduce the carbon footprint in which it takes to run the many machines in the facilities. That’s special since we’re all going green!

Next, there’s the option to leave your apartment. Walk down the stairs to the sidewalk, head over to the store, enter and stand, decide which newspaper to buy and read it by hand the old fashioned style or click several buttons to view the explicit juicy articles online which update every couple minutes, rather tempting since it requires no movement.

Then shopping for clothing, food and other things now there’s no need to wait in those long lines to try on clothes or pay, items may be delivered to your residence. Apparently books are electronic too; you no longer need to lift your finger to turn the page, simply a click to that age of the novel.

In time no one will need to leave the house which could result in a change of people’s health. Opening windows and allowing air in is nice and all but the stroll in the park or down the avenue could do all the better. Still no one tends to see it that way, as long as we’re all progressing to some extent, its good enough. So the ideas keep expanding and coming closer to this new world perception of change.

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