In Time

Justin Timberlake stars in an intriguing action adventure science-fiction film.

In Time is set in an alternative world in which time has another meaning – money.

Photo from View London.

Director Andrew Niccol creates a world of people experiencing moments and buying their way to survive. People begin to treat money as if it’s as precious as time. Then each person has a thirteen digit number to represent their identity. For some reason, at age 25, people stop aging and can add or lose time which works as their internal body clock. This futuristic film lacks human touch and normal ways of connecting with people in life.

For instance, Will Solace (Justin Timberlake) portrays a poor factory worker who decides to rebel against the system to help the masses. In doing so, he must learn to live a new life in which he does not eat too quickly since he’s used to living life on the run.

He befriends an elderly time banker (Vincent Kartheiser) before escaping with his reckless daughter (Amanda Seyfried) as the duo emerge on a Natural Born Killers type of crime charade where they proceed to rob banks and give away free time to the less fortunate people in society of the science fiction reality.

It becomes clear the way the system is formed by class based from an economic perspective. Social mobility is at a virtually non-existent which is almost like a metaphor for today’s neo-liberal society where people literally struggle for their lives each day. Reasons for this relate to the different time zones, taxes and prices rising in the same day and the cost of living increasing. In this battle to survive, for few to be immortal, many must die.

Go see the film, if you have time.

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