The capital city of Scotland portrays many historical attributes for arts, music, theatre and film.

Edinburgh is a beautiful and traditional city full of Scottish culture.

Festive German market carnival. Photo taken by Niya Sinckler.

Princes Street, the  main shopping area has lots of beautiful scenery such as Edinburgh Castle, shops with traditional Tartan patterns and a German market festival this time of year. Then on George Street has a trail of status at each intersection which are surrounded by many restaurants and boutiques. On Multrees Walk near St. James Center has high fashion and street wear.


Edinburgh has numerous museums and libraries and national institutions. The Museum of Scotland displays lots of Scottish history and artifacts. The Royal Lyceum Theatre has a play, 27 about important and human play about loneliness, ageing, science and the loss of our sense of self. 27 is represented by the 27 Scottish nuns who participate in a research experiment on Alzheimer’s. Then an uneasy American and British scientists conduct the stud which grows emotionally attached to the convent yet when the mother superior falls apart towards death, the faith and relationships of the characters.

Scottish National Gallery. Photo taken by Niya Sinckler.

Edinburgh contains five national galleries and other small galleries. Most of the national collection is displayed in the National Gallery of Scotland situated on the Mound which is connected to the Royal Scottish Academy which hold regular major exhibitions of painting. The for the contemporary artwork, there’s the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. The highlight of my visit was the Scottish National Portrait Gallery where several portraits and photography collections were highlighted.

One thought on “Edinburgh

  1. I definitely want to visit Scotland now and see more of the arts and culture! If I make it to the UK sometime, I will go though it’s a bit hard being in Colombia at the moment.

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