Marni Collaboration

H&M is teaming up yet again with another Italian fashion label.

High fashion brand, Marni is collaborating with H&M for a launch in Spring 2012.

Photo from Vogue UK.

Marni founder and creative director, Conselo Castigliani said, “Everything has a level of quality, craft and attention to detail.”

The artistic expression of the brand can be seen with the vibrant color combinations, print designs and variety of shapes for ready to wear clothing, accessories including handbags, jewelry and eyewear. There is a lot of creativity into how the brand markets its products to targeted audiences whether youth, middle aged or elderly.

Photo from Vogue UK.

Marni is noted for the texture of the clothing, colorblocking outfits and having these intriguing hemlines, asymmetry and other general clothing approaches. Women and men from New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and more adore and reocognize the brand’s collections and reputation as the company upholds its Italian heritage through fashion.

Here’s a sneak peak from Fashionista.

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