Wilhelm Sasnal

The gallery is displaying Wilhelm Sasnal paintings in a chronicle way of the complex experiences faced today in life.

Art takes a turn combining with online imagery of popular culture icons with no limitations at the Whitechapel Gallery.

The icons featured are Roy Orbison and Georges Seurat’s Bathers to impressive photographs of the Mexican photographer Enrique Metinides.

Sasnal conveys through his work that there are no rules as he had the comic-style narration portray the Holocaust in a pretext for a series of sharp black-and-white paintings which was illustrated by Art Spiegelman. Then the news imagery of a Japanese girl being rescued from the tsunami in a whirlwind of  jewel-like colour composition. There are mixtures of no conventional boundaries, history appearing in the present, public and private displays and a collaboration of Romanticism and Realism.

There is clear visual culture with loads of photos and powerful paintings a compilation of all his art from the past ten years from the cultural impact of life in Poland. From that, world events are highlighted and his own extensive travel experiences are shown in his work. Sasnal also incorporates film, video, photography into his art with a selection of acclaimed short and feature films screened as part of the exhibition.

The admission is free. The gallery is situated close to Aldgate East tube station off the District, Circle and Hammersmith lines.

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