Sherlock Holmes 2

The playful Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows transforms a literary work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into a highly visual entertaining film.

British director, Guy Ritchie has presented his infamous dynamic duo Holmes and sidekick Dr. Watson as they attempt to outwit and take down their fiercest enemy.

The film is full of action as Robert Downey Jr. plays Holmes an eccentric, intelligent, arrogant and mischievous bloke who is shaken by Dr. Watson (Jude Law) marrying his beloved Mary (Kelly Reilly). The union upsets Holmes since Dr. Watson may leave the crime detection business for good. Luckily, Watson’s bachelor night  leads to an investigation where the duo must uncover a plot to spark war in Europe from a series of anarchist bombings between France and Germany. As the pair explore the windows of opportunity, they aim to prevent this prospective social unrest.

When Holmes and Watson embark on their mission, they encounter a heroine, Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams) who motivates the mission as well as Noomi Rapace, a clingy gypsy fortune teller poster girl called Madame Simza Heron who’s brother is the puppet in all this chaos. Along the way, the fiercest enemy, Professor James Moriatry (Jared Harris) and Holmes battle through the crazy casualties.

Several adventurous moments occurred with lots of bullet rounds being fired on the train, throwing women out of windows, poisonous attacks, gypsy dancing in fields, aristocratic conference events, Stephen Fry nudity which are all shot through slow, stop and fast motion footage ending in the Swiss Alps.

The film shows how characters are manipulated into different situations similar to playing chess. Every move has a risk, sacrifice and consequence whether a bishop or a pond. Additionally, the many amazing special effects combine with an epic music soundtrack to produce numerous hilarious stunts performed which subverts the film into a comedy at times. The film is sincerely enjoyable for two hours. Check out the brilliant trailer.

2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes 2

  1. Spot on review 🙂 this movie is indeed fun and engaging…if you haven’t seen it yet, hit the theatres…bring that special someone with you…you’ll both enjoy it to it’s fullest 🙂

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