I had a lovely day taking photos. The passion was important for capturing images. This visual art form inspires me every time I press the click button to create a durable image.

The image and memories made are what make pictures special. With that inspiration and admiration, one is able to craft their ideal perfect image. The best times are when you find something intriguing that you initially weren’t looking for.

Many of us like to think we’re amazing photographers and we are. It just takes time to know what you’re doing. Whether with a polaroid, digital camera or SLR, it’s possible to produce something beautiful.

London Eye. Photo by Niya Sinckler.
Balls. Photo by Niya Sinckler

As a photographer, you wonder what is acceptable, what can you really take photos of or rather who, when, where and how. It’s interesting and fun to experiment. Walking around with a tripod and setting in one spot, moving to another, it’s great. You get a rush feeling as if you’re doing something brilliant.

The lens for focus on objects is wonderful. There are so many types as well. As the light is reflected onto the surface inside the camera, the exposure is timed. On another note, I have a friend who said exposure is the magic word. And he wasn’t lying. When rendering, the electronic image sensor correlates at every pixel then electronically processed which transcends into a digital image file.

It’s cool when you develop the image into negative or positive photographic material. Yet, the negative image on film is usually to make a positive image into a print form from paper base. I love that process in the red lighted dark rooms. I believe photography is a useful art for recreational use.

In all, the technical side of photography takes time to learn such as the focus, aperture, ISO speed, metering, shutter speed, white balance and whether you like to use auto focus or manual focus with flash for better lighting. There are always ways around it through with software program, Adobe PhotoShop where one can edit the filters, focal length and light sensitivity. Either way, if you have a good eye and possess some degree of creativity, you can make awesome photos with the help of belief for yourself and from family and friends.

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