Directed by Andrew Haigh, the film, Weekend portrays intriguing encounters of a modern love story over the course of 48 hours.

As a true revelation, star crossed lovers spend the weekend together in flats, pubs, making out and having deep conversations which lead to more.

Tom Cullen sleeping. Photo from IFC.

After a Friday dinner with heterosexual guy friends, the semi-closeted Russell (Tom Cullen) heads to a gay nightclub where he meets and picks up Glen (Chris New), an artist-type who isn’t keen on having a boyfriend. They lose themselves within the weekend filled with crazy moments of sex, drugs and intimate conversation. From this, the two learn more about each other’s characters.

It becomes an instant where you can see how their ideas conflict of what life is, what they want from life and how to go about getting these needs and wants in life. Through time, they form a bond on a rather emotional level which ties them throughout their lives.

Weekend is an amazingly special and authentic love story with a great filmmaking techniques from director, Andrew Haigh. Weekend was the winner of Audience Awards at the infamous SXSW and notable Outfest 2011 and the opening night selection of Brooklyn’s acclaimed BAMcinemafest in New York.

This film is great artistic achievement and shouldn’t be missed. There are strong themes of sex, intimacy and love in the film. The film is available for viewing on Sundance website via their on demand service. The film is not rated and delves into a deeper meaning of life for 96 minutes where you questions what you did during your weekend time.

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