Gesamtkunstwerk is translated to total ideal work of art which uses several contemporary art forms in 15 different rooms credited by Charles Saatchi in Chelsea, London.

Gesamtkunstwerk: New Art From Germany is on display at the Saatchi Gallery featuring numerous German artists in the Duke of York’s Square.

Drape, 2007 by Alexandra Bircken at the Saatchi Gallery. Photo from The Guardian site.

During 1849 essays, Wagner used the exact term ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ which he described as his ideal of unifying all works of art via the theatre as a way to ‘consummate artwork of the future’ and ‘the integrated drama’, to have a profound expression of folk legend although the works were abstracted from their nationalist portrayals to the world.

It’s great to be able to view this type of art work without having to travel to Berlin. The young German artists have lots of creative ideas which flow into different directions and is clearly shown in their artwork. With thought provoking paintings and sculptures. Some of the artists are Andre Butzer with crazy vibrant colors of chaos and confusion in Gallery 2. Isa Genzken who compiled objects to portray life stages in Gallery 3.

Birth to teenage life. Saatchi Gallery. Photo by Niya Sinckler.
Adult to becoming elderly. Saatchi Gallery. Photo by Niya Sinckler.
Old days admiring flowers. Saatchi Gallery. Photo by Niya Sinckler.

In Gallery 5, Ida Ekbald uses the title: stalk gills and caps of goodbye to describe this beautiful artwork with oil on canvas which speaks volumes with an array of colors as can be seen below.

Caps of goodbye, 2009. Saatchi Gallery. Photo by Niya Sinckler.

There are clearly messages within the art.  This can be seen in gallery 11 with Corinne Wasmuht’s work named, Siempre es hoy, in English: always is today. This is a personal favorite of mine.

Siempre es hoy, 2007, oil on wood, by Corinne Wasmuht. Saatchi Gallery. Photo by Niya Sinckler.

The viewers should be able to see from the intricate details parts of American and German pop culture created from different objects. There are themes throughout each room including geopolitics, gender politics, social issues, democracy, crass comedy inspired by the spirit of curiosity with all of the exciting experimentation in each room at the gallery.

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