Directed by Steve McQueen, Shame is a powerful and compelling British drama film.

Produced by Film4 and See-Saw Films, the film contains explicit sexual, full frontal nudity and drug use.

Brandon (Michael Fassbender) is a thirty something year old sex addict living in New York. He is completely emotionally detached and unwilling to commit to anyone. The only thing that keeps him going are these sexual urges which he can control through his male promiscuity anytime of day, anywhere. All of his thoughts are sounds of sex.

Things have always been like this until his crazy, spirited, younger sister (Carey Mulligan) moves into his apartment, an aspiring singer from Los Angeles who is seeking acknowledgment and love in her life after failed relationships and low self-esteem episodes. After three days, everything changes,Brandon’s world spirals out of control. The only place he can feel free to think is running.

Shame has great filmmaking centered around the themes of addiction, destruction and emotion. There are trance and classical tunes which melt into scenes to set the mood as well as the actors deal with difficult situations. At times, you begin to see who is human and who cannot cope. The film truly examines the nature of need and how we live our lives. With each experience, encounters begin to define a person and shape our identity and personality.

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