Milan Fashion Week brought back lots of animal print designs including panthers, eagles, bears, whales, dinosaurs, hounds, owls and ducks throughout the menswear collections.

Astrakhan, a controversial material returned to men’s fashion for the winter season sparking lots of debate among students and employees within the fashion industry.

Young male fashion designer, Rembrandt Duran, 20, from New York, said, “I would wear an astrakhan coat, if it was cute.”

The fabric is a very expensive type of fur which is made from newborn and at times unborn Persian lambs coming from a region in Russia. Fashionistas are two sided about the use of the material. Some people find it vain and cruel while others feel fabolous while walking down the street in these chilly times.


Male fashion admirer, Philip Balac, 19, from New York said, ” I would like the designs but I don’t think it’s worth killing that kind of animal.”

Fur is difficult to sell for men yet the fabric is highly recognized as an acceptable contemporary move within the fashion industry. French clothing company, Moncler created a full-blown F1 themed down jacket in the form of a driving suit which conveys the beauty of the astrakahn material as seen below.


Other high fashion male designer brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli and Prada are using bits of astrakhan on their jackets and coat collars.

After knowing how the material is created, would you wear astrakhan? To some extent, this can be based on the fact that some of us have a different definition of what fashion is and how far would you go to create something beautiful…

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