The fast-paced and action-packed thriller film, Haywire topped the box office this week.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the film is full of lots of chases and fight scenes leaving the viewer wanting more and more.

Film Poster. Photo from Google.

Hired by a private government company, Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) was a highly trained operative who performed several tasks which the American government couldn’t authorize and heads of state wouldn’t allow. Working on a mission in Barcelona, she rescued a Chinese whistle-blowing journalist with the assistance of Aaron (Channing Tatum).

At the top of her game, the skilled ex marine, Kane is approached by her former director/ex-boyfriend, Kenneth (Ewan McGregor) for a vacation mission where she poses as the wife of a charming British MI6 agent, Paul (Michael Fassbender) in Dublin. While on this covert assignment, Mallory discovers she’s been set up when her alleged husband attempts to divorce and delete her from existence.

Soon enough, Mallory realizes the mission was to help a contact, Rodrigo (Antonio Banderas) who was working with a French National. It appears everyone has their own agenda. Then Kane is on her own mission to seek revenge on the person responsible.  Kane’s only focus becomes protecting the one she loves and only person she can trust, her father. Travelling and escaping the leos (law enforcement officers) and traps from New York to New Mexico, Kane manages to teach everyone a lesson along the way with her tricks and abilities to find out the truth which leads to Mallorca.

Shot very well, the film has intense narrative flow, violence and sex appeal which transcend into melodic Bond-like scenes from the cars, street and bedroom moments.  Like most films, there was a realm of emotions tied into the twisted motives as it all came down to money. It’s great how the film ends the same way it began with one word of dialogue.

One thought on “Haywire

  1. good review, saw this film with my girlfriend, we had a fantastic evening. i now know that she is the only girl in the world. i love her.

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