Musée Magritte

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium holds the world’s largest collection of works by René Magritte.

The Belgian surrealist artist has artwork in forms of drawings,films, letters, paintings, photographs, sculptures other documents in Brussels.

Magritte's most famous artwork from the post Renaissance.

The masterpieces of the Magritte Museum bring life to the museum. There are French quotes on each of the three levels to depict Magritte’s thoughts and knowledge of surrealism at its best.  This unique collection allows the capital of Europe to emerge as one of the major art centerts in the world. Magritte’s works have also been displayed in Paris and New York.

The art work marks the infracstructure of Brussels. It’s as though the art becomes reality. The Magritte Museum has a worldwide impact with enriching exhibitions. Magritte nowhas a proper homage of culture that conveys subversive, poetic and critical themes in his art.

Since 2011 and onwards, the Musée Magritte is reserving a place for temporary exhibitions which feature different aspects of René Magritte’s life in a timeline which also highlights the personalities of Joan Miró, André Breton, Joseph Cornell and Salvador Dalí. It’s a truly amazing experience to see a cultural movement through Magritte’s works in art form.

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