Cindy Sherman

Artist, Cindy Sherman’s career has skyrocketed from being her own makeup artist, muse, stylist and photographer in New York.

The Museum of Modern Art is showcasing Sherman’s personal vision of photography.

In the late 1970s, Cindy began her artworks with small black-and-white photographs titled, “Untitled Film Stills,”  then Sherman moved towards color and larger formats with a variety of works. The MoMA has over a dozen galleries to show her works of 180 photographs.

Her photographs are within a mixture consisting of collages, film, installation, performance, paintings, photography and sculpture. Sherman makes these works working independently without assistants through color, scale and space with pattern textiles of visual art.

“Untitled #470” (2008)

The art has political and moral effects are driven by deep, selfish and  psychological needs as the cornerstone of postmodern photography.

Sherman’s works have been compared to conforming with the likes of Pablo Picasso, Jasper Johns and Bruce Nauman as an influential artist. Sherman has a great ability to crawl under other people’s skins with her artwork.

The most recent works at the MoMA are an example of vivid images that depict photographic frame and convey the artist.

“Cindy Sherman” will be on view until June at the Museum of Modern Art.

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