Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking media craze of 2012.

Women especially have been browsing and socializing through their pinboards based on their popular interests.

Pinterest allows you to organize and share socially photo content by pinning images, videos and other objects to your pinboard to save and return to as you like. So far, there are 70,000 million pinterest users at the moment worldwide.

Culture is changing everyday starting with the way we communicate and operate with acquaintances. On pinterest, a user creates their own theme and begins to collect information based on their events, hobbies and interests. To some extent, pinterest is an online version of your very own shopping list. You can find pretty much anything on the website from clothes, recipes, housing decorations, art, DIY to wedding ideas.

The idea is to connect everyone globally on a platform through the things that they find interesting. Pinterest is associated with Twitter and Facebook allowing users to interact within an open online community.

The layout and interface are quite simple which enables anyone to easily use the site.  To get started, request an invite.

The Carrie Diaries!

SATC is back with an exciting upcoming prequel called The Carrie Diaries.

Many fashionistas are wondering if Annasophia Robb can pull off portraying Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager.

Young Carrie. Photo from Google.

The storyline follows Carrie during her senior year in the New York during the 80’s. There are themes about love, sex, friendship and family along with navigating the inner world of Manhattan high school life.

Director Miguel Arteta has begun the selection of cast members for the wonderful series to start filming. The series written by Candance Bushell will stay close to the original literature. Reviews have been generous of the upcoming young series. The project is in pre-production with Gossip Girl producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

Blank City Film

BLANK CITY film screening paints a picture of art, music and film during the seventies era.

When renegade filmmakers emerge from New York’s economic crash, they join the East Village and Alphabet City art and music scene.

It’s amazing how the cinematography crafted marvelous works that helped to influence independent film today.

With the confrontational underground film, moments were documented to create visual history.

Directed by French newcomer Celine Danhier, BLANK CITY conveys the “No Wave Cinema” and “Cinema of Transgression” movements with impressive interviews of how it all began.

Feature collaborators include: directors Jim Jarmusch, John Waters,  Steve Buscemi, Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Hip Hop legend Fab 5 Freddy, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Lydia Lunch, artist James Nares, photographer Richard Kern, Amos Poe and more.

The soundtrack consists of tracks from Patti Smith, Television, Richard Hell &The Voidoids, Sonic Youth, James Chance, The Contortions and other artists.

The documentary is a compiled version of the journey artists made by experimenting with new ideas to establish themselves during the days of bankruptcy in downtown New York.

No wristband is needed for this event. Rough Trade East will show the screening this Friday at 6:30pm.

The Hunger Games

Somehow it feels as though there aren’t that many good films this month.

The media has harped on the Hunger Games bringing more attention to the film.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, North America is divided into the Capitol and 12 districts where a boy and girl are each selected from the twelve districts to fight until death on live television.

The selfless act of participation comes from Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) when she volunteers to take her younger sixteen year old sister, Prim Everdeen’s (Willow Shields) place. As the mining district’s female representative for the latest match, she teams up with her male pair.

Directed by Gary Ross, the drama has lots of entertaining action and a sci-fi theme with brutal intimidation from the 24 participants trying to eliminate their competition on live broadast to the nation.

Despite some viewers lacking interest, the film somehow earned about $68 million in the US over the weekend from box office sales.

The Hunger Games is the first of a trilogy based on novels by Suzanne Collins. Therefore, there will probably be more films to see in the near future.

Emmanuel “Craze”

A Kingston University London student is on the rise trying to break into the music industry while maintaining a university lifestyle.

Emmanuel “Craze” Awoyelu, 21, from East Ham is a third year sociology/criminology student focusing on his upcoming music career as an old school hip hop artist that believes hard work, beats talent.

Emmanuel said: “Juggling my university studies with my music is really hard. I prioritize university since it’s my last year but at the same time I am passionate about making music and believe that my time will come very soon. Either way, I hardly sleep.”

The hip hop artist has worked with great professionals including the creative music media group, Dvisionaiir, film and music video director, Dammy Larry and singer/songwriter Astromillion.

Craze performed at Kingston University student nights, MTV showcases, a Sussex University ACAS event, Royal Holloway University, the Labsquared showcase and through the ‘Pardon my blog’ website.

Craze has made two professional videos so far leading to one song, BadCats receiving over 1,500 views on YouTube.

Craze’s songs are available on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, music streaming sites and other social networking sites.

Emmanuel has always been highly involved in music starting with playing the piano and drums at church as a teen to performing poetry and rhymes in school and participating in university events such as

The childhood nickname, Craze, was created by his school friends because of his crazy and troublesome personality.

Craze describes his music as “old school jazzy hip hop vibe for those laid back and fun days. Deep and conscious themes relating to emotions are portrayed on the different tracks that portray his mood and life experiences.”

Connecting with the struggle of feeling isolated, neglected, the desire to be free, oppression of the mind and the joys of youth, Craze includes themes in his music with a versatile attitude.

Craze said he uses “Motion picture and thought provoking lyrics are used with a smooth tone of music to drive Craze’s creativity in life based off of his favorite song, Over and Over by Kano.”

Musical influences for Craze are the successful rapper Kano specifically because he went to the same school as Emmanuel in a rough neighborhood and inspired him to focus on a musical path along with artists, Mos Def, Lauryn Hill and Joe Budden.

Craze’s role model in the music industry is Mos Def because he’s talented, connects and associates himself with ‘the people’ as a way to show how much he enjoys and loves music.

Emmanuel said: “Music is my destiny. I’ve done shows and competitions that allowed me to work with MTV, RWD magazine, song websites, blogging sites and companies. My music career is now beginning.”

Emmanuel follows the motto drilled into head by his father to “work hard now, play more later” as words to live by.

Craze plans to produce a lot of videos in collaboration with young talented music directors to build a huge fan base and create a nice buzz for their single and album, Sicker than Your Average set to be released soon.

21 Jump Street

In a classic comedy, 21 Jump Street portrays two high school classmates in action as undercover cops.

When an alpha dog, Jenko (Channing Tatum) and a loser Schmidt (Jonah Hill) encounter each other at police academy, they form a friendship unlike their high school days.

Their ridiculous incompetence and lack of experience lands them an undercover operation based out of a church. Following orders from the angry Captain Dickson (Ice Cube), the underachieving cops are sent back to high school where they must blend into the student enviroment to bring down a new dangerous synthetic drug.

The two find it difficult at first because things have changed since the ’80s. There are no longer distinct social hierarchies in this silly and fun film. Now the posing cops must get up-to-date with techonolgy, music, dance moves, cars and befriend the social ring leader, Eric (Dave Franco) to stop drug use.

Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, there are references to the ’80s and ’90s lifestyle along with cameos from the original “21 Jump Street” cast members that do not fail to disappoint. Also the obscene male humour reveled into the student atmosphere makes you feel as though you’re back in high school. The film depicts lovely satire mixed with a couple action sets of chases, shootouts, sex, gore and nudity. The energy and entertainment of the film are fulfilled by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s male reputations within their movie stereotypes to charm the attitude of the audience.