This Means War

Ideally, This Means War would be the perfect date movie except it’s more of an action comedy with romance filtered into the film.

When two top inseperable CIA operatives fall for the same woman, an epic battle begins as they continue to both date her becoming victims of a love triangle.

Spy. Woman. Spy. Photo from Google.

As American secret spies, the two are used to bringing down enemy nations and preventing mass destruction in Hong Kong but now the best friends Tuck (Tom Hardy) and FDR (Chris Pine) are against each other in America.

Tuck finds Lauren Scott, (Reese Witherspoon), a pretty consumer product testing executive through an online dating site. Even though, Tuck presents himself as a travel agent with an ex-wife, Katie (Abigail Spencer) and son, Joe (John Paul Rudd) and Lauren is coping with the recent engagement of her ex-boyfriend, the two hit it off with a bang.

Then the total womanizer, FDR who poses as a cruise ship captain runs into Lauren in a video store one day. FDR flirts with her not knowing she is Tuck’s date. Lauren declines his player act until he persuades her to go on a date with him which turns out to be enjoyable. Somehow there are holes in the film though regarding the stars emotional characteristics.

After awhile, Lauren feels like she’s going to hell for dating two men at once but is reassured by her best friend, Trish (Chelsea Handler) to play it out. Through a series of gestures, the two men discover that they are dating the same woman but do not tell her. In an attempt to win Lauren’s affection, they use their incomparable skills and numerous high-tech gadgets to sabotage each other with the Cancer Bats tune in every MO.

Director, McG and 20th Century Fox Film presents a two hour film of silly adventurous action sets with car chases and gun shooting. There are bits of sexual content and language from the attractively casted stars. If you want to laugh, there’s lots of humor. Also there’s a flare of light hearted cute moments that counter the bittersweet scenes filmed in LA. Find out who wins the war this weekend.

One thought on “This Means War

  1. great article. i watch this film with the love of my life, took every bit of strength i had to resist leaning over the popcorn to kiss her… good film though

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