Project X

In Project X, three unpopular high school seniors decide to throw a massive party to impress the popular crowd.

But when word gets about the party, a hangover is the least of their worries of the aftermath.

On Thomas’ (Thomas Mann) 17th birthday, mom and dad stupidly take off for the weekend leaving him with the his crazy influence of a friend, Costa (Oliver Cooper), who uses the online digital age of social networking skills to promote the ultimate house party.

It’s an epic birthday party. Kegstands are done. Tequila shots are taken. Ecstasy pills are consumed. Furniture is destroyed. Cars are trashed. Let’s just say the neighborhood dealt with loud noises into the late night. It’s the type of film where you expect the ‘evening officers’ moment followed by lots of teenage rebellion against their boring middle class lives.

It’s a typical high school party where youths have their first experience of freedom and just go wild raving the night away. Eventually, things get way out of control. There are cultural references to the media, rap artists and pornography reflecting how teen culture is understood today.

Directed by newcomer Nima Nourizadeh the film is simply pieced together randomly with highs and lows but no real transition. There is crude and sexual content throughout the film to spice up the atmosphere of the 17 to 25-year-old guests. A bit of nudity, drugs, drinking as well as pervasive language are used in the film to highlight the reckless behavior and mayhem.

The trailer is somewhat misleading yet to some, it may the party you’ve always dreamed of. Project X is an invitation to every party host’s and parents worst nightmare. Witness it in theaters now.

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