Spring Music.

The New Orleans legend, Dr John is set to unleash an uncut album with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach

The album, Locked Down LP will mark a significant departure from his recent work on 03 April 2012.

The new album is being produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach in association with Dr. John known as Mac Rebennack. This will be Rebennack’s first record album with Nonesuch Records.

Auerbach said: “Mac inspired me every single day we were in the studio together: musically, spiritually, cosmically … something special seemed to be happening and everyone involved could sense it.”

The Black Keys band memeber and New Orleans musician researched various ways to make this album the best they could. Inspiraton from 2011 Bonnaroo and their personalities have crafted the cool and funky tunes of the album.

According to the Guardian, “Eleggua” is probably the spookiest track on the album. There are organs and jazzy flutes creating an atmosphere of mischievous spirit. At the end of the album, Rebennack shows his love for his children.

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