Brasilian Sensation

Three time Grammy nominated São Paulo singer/songwriter, Céu is on the rise as she began her UK tour today.

The voice of 31-year old Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças is illuminating fans in Bristol with eclectic moods from her latest album Caravana Sereia Bloom.

Céu performing São Paulo sounds in Brasil. Photo from NY Times.

Céu’s musical vision is a mixture of influences including choro, electrojazz, hip hop, R&B, samba and soul vibes. Céu said: “Culturally, racially we are all a mix in one way or another. I didn’t grow up listening only to samba, I was absorbing classical music and jazz alongside Afro-Brazilian rhythms.”

Talented and versatile, the artist was also once interested in art and performing. Her 2005 first self-titled album debut was a chilled blend of classic bossa-samba crafted with edgy rock beats similar to the underground music in an experimental São Paulo spirit.

That year, her first international release was on Starbucks’s Hear Music label skyrocketing her status in America. Leading to a Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary World Music Album” in 2006. Then in 2007,  Céu went across the pond to the UK and France where she became the fourth highest selling artist for the Archambault chain of music shops.

Most of Céu’s inspiration is gathered from the graffiti and music scenes with bohemian undertones from all over Brasil. Associated Press and Reuters recognize Céu as a fresh new face of Brasilian music scenes. Her success led to a 2008 Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary World Music Album”. Then in 2009,  Céu’s critically acclaimed second album Vagarosa was #2 on the US Billboard’s World Music charts following a 2010 Latin Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary Brazilian Pop Record.”

Céu’s latest album, Caravana Sereia Bloom is out now from record label Six Degree Records. For more information:

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