Out Of Focus: Photography

The brilliant Out of Focus: Photography exhibition installations are on display this weekend in London.

Charles Saatchi’s contemporary photography collection captures various elements of today’s styles and changes showcasing 38 photographers from 14 countries featuring themes of beauty, emotions and digital processing.

There are lots of photos with portrait identity constructions, abstract art, nudity, landscapes and contrasting imagery. David Benjamin Sherry has dramatic shots mixing mountains infused with light to cast the colors at exposure to influence color and light in a photo.

David Benjamin Sherry. All Matterings of Mind Equal One Violet.
2011. C-print. 182.9 x 232.4 cm. Photo from Saatchi Gallery.

Photographer, Ryan McGinley depicts a striking group of naked youth on a journey to find their freedom on a nature adventure with fireworks, ipods and fog machines to set the atmosphere. Photographer, Sara VanDerBeek uses influences of family through experimental and surrealist approaches to highlight inventiveness and idealism by focusing on memory, experience, inspiration and influence for framed photographic prints.

One of my favorite artists, Hannah Starkey’s photographs reconstruct scenes from everyday life with a concentrated stylisation of film. Starkey finds these generic moments with a sense of relational detachment to create reflective instances of inner contemplation, isolation and conflicting emotion. This evokes narratives from different classes, races, genders and identity with a hint of voyeurism. Starkey’s works are often left untitled for the viewer to connect their own thoughts to the sense of blurred reality.

Mariah Robertson. Nude with Afghani with Export Rug. 2007. Silver gelatin print. 20.3 x 25.4 cm. Photo from Saatchi Gallery.

Pushing the limits of photography, Mariah Robertson uses unique color print on metallic paper and silver gelatin prints to change the rough edges of her art as a way not to confine the print to a frame. Robertson follows an alternative process of experimental shadowing for  irregular chemical reactions for negative collages to combine figuration with abstraction.

At times, an out of focus photo can make the shot what it is and reveal something more. These shots usually break the standards of photography with focus and exposure conveying a depth of field that’s unreal. Out of Focus – Photography is at the Saatchi Gallery until 22 July 2012.

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