Museo del Prado

A phenomenal painting after 1610 by Guido Reni stood out to me during my visit to Spain.

At the Museo del Prado in Madrid, the painting Saint Sebastian expressed male beauty in an emotional art form.

Saint Sebastian (1617-1619). Guido Reni. Museo del Prado (Madrid, Spain). Oil on canvas, 170x 133 cm.

Religiously themed, there’s a representation of martydom. Christianity takes a presence over the Roman soldier who was condemned to an arrow execution after being shot by two archers.

With assistance, Saint Irene released him while he was still alive and healed his wounds. At the times, Sebastian was a popular, noble and powerful saint because of his one attribution to cure the black plague. The scene is dramatic as Saint Sebastian devotes himself in the name of religion and the people.

One thought on “Museo del Prado

  1. i liked this one. as we were talking about there, its a shame that only the church and the bourgeois had the ability to commistion great art works.

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