Un amour de jeunesse

The working title, Goodbye First Love features a romance drama of two young adults on a journey to find themselves while exploring the world.

The chronicle follows the relationship between Camille and Sullivan with their adventures together and apart over the course of eights years.

The protagonist Camille (Lola Créton) is a very emotional high school girl in love at 15 and working towards employment. Then her lover, Sullivan (Sebastian Urzendowsky) is a drifter, trying to find himself in Paris.

When Sullivan leaves for a gap year in South America, Camille feels as though she would die without him. The two maintain contact by exchanging letters for eight years. Camille throws herself into architecture as a student and career. Meanwhile Sullivan lives in Marseille working as a photographer and returns to Paris on occasion for paint work.

Director and writer, Mia Hanson-Løve‘s third feature film portrays how one matures over a course time falling in and out of love. The film is very artsy and French with themes of curiosity, passion, love, loss and self-indulgence. When the two meet again, they realize they are the same people as before filled with memories that can never be forgotten.

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