Paraísos Artificiais

The Brasilian music themed film, Paraísos Artificiais is about the electronic scene in Europe.

A trio of musicians travel and live the amazing experiences during a festival of drama and adventures.

Erika and Nando during an intimate moment. Photo from VejaSP.

Erika (Nathalia Dill),  Lara (Livia de Bueno) and Nando (Luca Bianchi) work together to create an intense atmosphere. Soon they separate to follow other paths within the industry and in their own lives.

Years later, Erika and Nando rekindle in Amsterdam where the passion and romance begins once more. Only thing is that Erika remembers the real reason why they have distanced themselves in the first place.

Director Marcos Prado produced a film with an original track composed by Rodrigo Coelho and produced by Gustavo MM including renowned DJs Deadmau5, Renato Cohen, Froga Cult, Magnetrixx and Gui Boratto.

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