Fashion Film

Famous French-Polish filmmaker, Roman Polanski amazed viewers at the Cannes Film Festival with his short and witty film.

Italian luxury fashion label, Prada was the highlight in the anti-commercial.

Ben Kingsley listening as Helena Bonham Carter expresses her feelings in A Therapy for Prada. Photo from Prada.

Combining actor Ben Kingsley and the captivating actress Helena Bonham-Carter, Roman Polanksi debuted his premiere screening of a three-minute film.

The refreshing short film entitled, “A Therapy” was an attempt to prove that Polanski can produce short and long films in his profession.

Helena Bonham Carter lies on a Victorian sofa dressed in a lovely purple fur coat, silk lilac blouse, vibrant orange skirt and black patent Prada heels confessing her dream to melodramatic music in a darkened atmosphere.

As she enters her silent psychoanalyst’s office, Ben Kingsley, themes of loneliness and anxiety are seen. There’s a slight resemblance to the film, A Dangerous Method but this short film mixes fashion and psychology. When the doctor wears her coat, he glances into the mirror assessing his look finding the message that “Prada Suits Everyone.”

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