Café de Flore.

French-Canadian writer-director, Jean-Marc Vallée fuses a drama of passion and love into a compelling film.

Café de Flore features an aspiring music admirer, Québécois DJ Antoine (Kevin Parent) seeking love for the second time with a blonde beauty Rose (Evelyne Brochu) while reminiscing about troubled days with his childhood sweetheart and first wife, Carole (Hélène Florent).

Then during the late ’60s in Paris, a single mom Jacqueline (Vanessa Paradis) struggles everyday to raise her son, Laurent (Marin Gerrier) who has Down’s syndrome portraying a mother’s love and bond.

The two love stories mold into a mystery of romance, dreams, flashbacks and tangled emotions among soul mates. There are hints of a connection between Carole and Jacqueline with key elements of memory and time that bring the film to life. It makes one wonder if they are meant to be with someone forever or if it’s just another chapter of their life.

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