Crocodiles’ Endless Flowers

The San Diego indie pop duo Crocodiles are releasing their third full-length album, Endless Flowers filled with psychedelic dance rock.

Their ten tracks have hooky, shoegazing, surfy and lo-fi noise pop sounds to meet the post punk revival genre.

Crocodiles Album Teaser. Photo:NME.

“Endless Flowers” is four minutes of slow motion alternative tones, rippling guitar and simple drum beats. Emotions and thoughts come out in “Dark Alleys” making you desire forever their skuzzy recording style.

Followed by weary background and timed drums, the melodic lyrics resemble days of sticky sweet love and the aftermath from the cleverly titled “Bubblegum Trash.” While hearing the vocals, imagine spinning in circles and gazing at the sky. The heavy disguise of sound along with echoes works so well on the track, “Welcome Trouble.”

To hear the tracks, click here. From new label Frenchkiss Records, Endless Flowers is out 05 June 2012 and will be available on Itunes.

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