Photography Love!

The London Festival of Photography is amazing creative and artistic lovers all around the city.

During visits to multiple exhibitions, three photos stood out to me the most at Oxford Street (3space) and Fitzrovia Community Centre.

Cooling Off by Aristide Economopoulos. 12 July 2011.

Phenomenal photojournalist photographer Aristide Economopoulos captured a photo of Rasheem Bond, aged 11, refreshing himself in a playful way towards an opened fire hydrant on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave and Astor Street in Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Street by Siegfried Hansen from his project about strong graphic photos. 2012.

German photographer, Siegfried Hansen was observing everything here. Who knew something we all walk over and ignore everyday could turn out so beautiful. It’s the little details that make it special: the symmetry, a striking yellow color, ripple of water and reflection.

Saint-Nicola-de-la-Grave, France by Aaron Hobson. 2012.

The spectacular cinemascapist,  Aaron Hobson wowed viewers with breathtaking photos in gallery 2 of his google street edition. In this photo, the mist allures you into the forest on a path that may never end that makes you even more curious about the location.

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