Metric’s Synthetica!

The lovely Canadian indie rockers, Metric are set to release their long-awaited fifth studio album, Synthetica.

For the new wave genre, Metric are expressing their music with the cool drum beats and chill synth sounds.

Metric. Photo by Brantley Gutierrez.

Lead vocalist, Emily Haines who also plays the synthesizer, guitar and keyboard described the album as music that stimulates a person to confront what you see in the mirror and find your identity.

The eleven tracks on Synthetica represent what is real versus what is fake in the world. “Artificial Nocturne” conveys a sense of freeing yourself and escaping your own reality with soft vocals, strumming guitar chords, catchy drum beats and edgy synthesizing.

The second album single released “Speed The Collapse” resembles the intro for “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but it’s hunger game theme mixed with Haines vocals to an electropop vibe work. “Breathing Underwater” is my favorite track regarding lyrics, “Is this my life?” A question we all ask ourselves as we make decisions and experience things in life.

The album’s first single, “Youth Without Youth” with powerful bass guitar playing by Joshua Winstead was released in late April. Then the band released a stream in late May on SoundCloud.  Metric even contributed tracks for David Cronenberg’s drama film, Cosmopolis.

Metric’s post punk revival album is out on Tuesday 12 June 2012.

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