The drama film, Cosmopolis directed by Canadian David Cronenberg follows an artificial take on one of New York’s elite.

Based on Don DeLillo‘s thirteenth novel, the adaptation shadows a multi-billionaire financial asset manager’s adventure in Manhattan.

Robert Pattinson stars as Eric Packer, a ruthless 28-year-old who decides to get his haircut on a day when the President is in town. Slowly driving in his luxurious and spacious stretch limo, there’s manic and chaos while maneuvering across the city.

Packer remains entertained and safe using his limo as an office with his LCD TV screens, computer monitors, bulletproof and sound proof car to drown out the city noise during traffic jams and escape into his own world.

Cosmopolis highlights the 2008 financial crisis along with psychological references presented from societal problems. Scenes are mostly shot from wide-angle lenses along the way as Packer has several encounters with his wife, other women and two men stalking his every move after he loses an enormous amount of money resulting in his own self-destructive path.

Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival in late May, the drama received mixed reviews. Yet, the film made over $1m at the box office on opening day, therefore it’s a must see! Cosmopolis is out today.

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