Filmmakers Recycling Ideas

Has postmodernism run its course as Hollywood filmmakers are running out of ideas.

Recently most films produced have been adaptations of books, comic books, prequels, sequels and remakes of old films.

Here’s the rundown for new and exciting summer films, let’s see what we have:

– Spider Man (different actor, same city, younger target)

– Marvel’s Avengers (history of comics, filtered in multiple superheroes to wow the crowd)

– Total Recall (spin-off of the 80’s film)

– Sparkles (ripping on Dreamgirls)

– The Possession (who would have guessed that something could possess you, expect exorcisms and supernatural moments of terror)

Many wonder what happened to original motivated themes for storylines. There’s definitely a lack of creativity for plots lately. It can be challenging when writing a screenplay.

It’s almost as though Hollywood is thriving in a world of bankrupt ideas. People in the film industry stand on the shoulders of giants and with Universal in its 100th year of production, I wonder what this means for the future of films.

One thought on “Filmmakers Recycling Ideas

  1. About time someone said it – I have been thinking hte same, which is why I no longer go to the movies…when they come with some new creative and innovative ideas maybe, just maybe I will start going again. However I think it will be a while before this happens as it seems that at the moment too many people are caught on the difunctional live of the numerous reality show and their “stars”.

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