The Dark Knight Rises

The highly anticipated action-packed comic book film, “The Dark Knight Rises” topped the box office over the weekend in America and the UK.

Despite the unfortunate random mass murder shooting by the mentally unstable individual, James Holmes in Colorado, numerous cinema lovers still attended premieres and even saw the movie multiple times because it was that amazing.

With a successful third film, the plot continues eight years later with Christian Bale starring as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and introducing a new trained terrorist leader, Bane as Tom Hardy. Batman now has to save Gotham City yet again although close friends, Alfred as Michael Caine and Fox as Morgan Freeman believe he should find something else.

After ruining his reputation by taking the fall for Harvey Dent’s death and misleading crime statistics from Commissioner Gordan played by Gary Oldman, things start to spiral out of control. Batman struggles to regain the city’s trust and protect the citizens since the city police are trapped in other adventurous matters to fight crime. with the help of his sidekick, Blake as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the two manage to sort things out. Many sacrifices are made to save innocent lives from the nuclear terrorist mischief in Gotham city.

Additionally, President Obama and “The Dark Knight Rises” cast members have expressed their condolences to families and friends of those killed and injured during the horrific shooting which made international headlines and forced a Paris red carpet premiere to be cancelled.

Either way, the comic book and film market has expanded over the years gaining a wider audience following the stability of DC Comics. Enjoy the awesome film!

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