The Gaslight Anthem’s New Album

The alternative band, The Gaslight Anthem released their fourth album, Handwritten yesterday.

Formed in 2006, the rock quartet has risen to fame rapidly and inspired me musically since they are from New Brunswick, New Jersey where I was born.

The Gaslight Anthem. Photo from Google.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Brian Fallon uses his experiences and influences like most artist to shape and maintain a traditional and dynamic American punk grind to the band’s music.

The Gaslight Anthem have been compared to the likes of The Ramones and the Misfits. Their energy and soul is crafted by their inspiration for jazz from Miles Davis, the powerful presence of Joe Strummer from The Clash and a touch of chill tones similar to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

Drummer and percussion member, Benny Horowitz mostly identifies with spatial ambience and floating vibes from The Cure. Therefore, there’s a mix of influence that has helped to establish the band’s style. The band has direction despite the lack of experimentation, they manage to make significant music in today’s industry.

The band’s tour dates include New York in July, Italy, Belgium and the UK in August, leading up to a Canada visit in September. Also the album was only out for one day and has reached No.1 on the Itunes rock chart. Congratulations to The Gaslight Anthem!

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