Barbara Steinberg @ Movida London.

The Central London nightclub, Movida is showcasing a Smith college graduate’s artwork tonight in collaboration with tunes from DJ Kevin O’Leary to set the tone of the scene.

Philadelphia born, Barbara Steinberg ventured into art from an early age to develop her contemporary landscape painting techniques sharing intense and vibrant colors that make a statement.

Steinberg uses abstract forms of expression to communicate through her artwork according to the season she is painting in which affects the canvas and filtering light and depth of exhilaration. This helps to create a structure for the nature of her work.

Apart from winning a scholarship and grant to continue her art studies, Barbara moved to London to begin her adventure working with artists including Ralph Brown at West of England College of Art and afterwards privately with Michael Ayrton in London. You can follow and like her creativity on facebook.

Event poster. Photo: Movida.

The event is tonight. Location: 8-9 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TF. Tel: +442077345776. Closest tube: Oxford Circus. Email contact for guest list:

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