Proud Camden NW1

Proud Camden presented an exhibition, Phantasmagoria which featured a series of apparitions and illusions.

The award-winning Italian photographer, Marco Sanges‘  images’ reveal surrealism and a type of dreamlike style of black and white photography showcased in large-scale print form, archival print, c-type print, specific installation and silver gelatin prints.

Downtown by Marco Sanges. Photo: Proud Camden.

Marco Sanges’ iconic black and white photography was mostly influenced by the nature of sequential cinema during the silent era.

The narrative expresses themes of imagination and desire which allows one to float off and wonder their mind as you admire each frame and figure created in the dramatic series.

At times, there are profound images of nudity and voyeurism, sexuality and costume, danger and play. Marco Sanges establishes a presence of photography that promotes fantasy and provokes amusement for viewers in alternative neighborhood of Camden, London.

Milan Fashion Week.

At Milan Fashion Week, multiple creative designers flaunted their concepts through clothing which formed around five prominent themes within the SS13 Womenswear collections.

Also certain designers stood out to me with their designs including Just Cavalli, Emilio Pucci and Fendi with innovative creations.

The five popular trends were stripe designs, geometric print, ruffled backs, electric colors and sleek fitting leather ensembles.

Just Cavalli collection emerged with bright florals, white or pastel chiffon slip dresses and striking leather jackets. There were glimpses of an underwater inspiration featured in pieces on the clothing and regarding the colors chosen.

Just Cavalli SS13 Womenswear Look 03. Photo:

Emilio Pucci expressed sleek white tops and flowing dresses accompanied by strappy sandals and glimpses of color from khaki kimonos, bombers and jackets which added a bit more glamour to the season.

Then Fendi was convincing with their collection and kicked off their show with a bang to grab all attention. Milano adored the classic geometric prints and shapes of the samples. The leather pieces were top-notch of course as well. Several fashion editors, journalists and press were mesmerized with the accessories by Silvia Venturini Fendi. It’s been suggested that the stand out pieces allow one to customize your bag with paint and a pattern of your own choice. This lets fashionistas experiment one step further with the creativity and portray more individuality to their identity in the fashion industry.

University culture

Starting at a new place can be overwhelming and scary but once you make good friends, you can create a little family and since we’re all in the same boat it makes things easier if you find like-minded people whether course related, music related or whatever.

Everyone has been great, I’m enjoying being here, although only for a year I’m having a great time so far. When fresher’s week finishes, the late night drinking ends and lectures begin. It’s all so exciting.

It all began when I decided to do a Master’s but where, in New York, London or Paris. After visiting several universities in America and Europe, I decided on University of Westminster. I’ve always been interested in public relations but during my internships and work experience opportunities, I fell in love with fashion. I’m now en route to pursue a fashion PR career and I can’t wait until it begins!

One step at a time. Photo: James Andrews


Art Review: Brancolini Grimaldi

The group exhibition, There’s Something Happening Here has made a successful London presence after being curated by James Reid, director of Wallpaper and Tom Watt, director of Art Review.

17 emerging artists are showcasing their art work by highlighting angst, neuroses and identity in photographic form at the contemporary photography gallery, Brancolini Grimaldi.

Exhibition Display. Photo: Brancolini Grimaldi gallery.

There are strong themes of surrealism, mutilation and explorative strategies used to create a visual understanding of their inspirations. For instance, American artist, Nicole Belle has a series titled Rev Sanchez which features negatives of adolescents posing mysteriously in a park. Canadian artist, Jessica Eaton uses special techniques where objects disappear within taking different shapes.

My favorite series was presented by London based fashion photogrpaher, Jacob Sutton who has contributed to the following: US Vogue, British Vogue, New York Times T Magazine, Interview, i-D, 10 Men and Another/Another Man and had profound and inspiring pieces of work.

Exhibition Work. Photo: Jacob Sutton.

The artists are finding innovative ways to experiment outside the usual mediums of photography. It’s leading more towards open, dark and out there art forms, so clearly there’s something happening here.

The exhibition is on display until 10 November 2012. Closest Tube: Green Park. Address: 43 – 44 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JJ. Gallery opening times: Monday – Friday 10.00 – 19.00 and Saturday 11.00 – 17.00.

Travel Flash Fiction.

My favorite island by Niya Sinckler

Brown’s Beach. Photo: Niya Sinckler.

Floating in the clouds. Wondering where I was. I could see signs. I was getting closer. Cool breeze on my face while walking along the coast. I felt liberated. Waves giving rhythm to the ocean as the tide came in. I rode into the deep blue on my jet ski. Out of nowhere, a catamaran floated by. Time to parasail. Lunch was soon. I could smell the coucou & flying fish filling the air. Then football  on the warm sand as I dribbled and kicked the ball. Looking up, colors of pink, orange and purple laid across the sky. I sipped my vanilla sno-cone. Where I want to be, Barbados.